Our mission is simple: provide quality clothing and athletic apparel for customers from all walks of life! To make the most of that dash in between those two dots...birth and passing. So, Til Death, reap your life! 

Our vision is based on the realities and changing business environments we now find ourselves in. Like many of you, we became frustrated with limitations on where to shop, what's open, trying to support local business, and wanting other alternatives to just big box stores and big online stores (They who shall not be named, but we ALL use them). It is our hope that we can offer you some of the same items you might shop through those large vendors for but would rather put your money and time into a small business, support local communities, and support veteran causes. 

Part of our mission and vision is to give back to our communities through monthly donation programs. One dollar of each coffee order placed, and 2 dollars of each clothing apparel order placed will be tallied and donated to a new veteran non-profit organization each month. We believe in remembering where we come from, who got us here, and those that we can lift up. 

Our long-term vision and mission is to continue to provide quality products to our customers, while incorporating our own branded products. We are constantly working on new ideas, one of them also being to roast our own coffee selections and truly embrace the passion of ownership!